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We clean  and repair your blinds or we could renew cloth of your blinds. Even we sell all kind of new brands and their parts.


In our The Hague branch we clean all kind of blinds. If you wish, we repair as well, applying original spare-parts! 

Despite the fact we sell all kind of brands you sometimes might be much cheaper of when you go for the repairing option combined with cleaning.

Attention! We, Lamelcleaning Nederland, are the only ones in the world who clean textile products applying our patented freeze-drying system! So, no more washed-out spots in your expensive blinds.

All non-textile products, made of aluminium, P.V.C. or wood, we clean them all with our (humid) ultrasonic system.



In our showroom you can find all brands on sale which have all been tested in our laboratory.  


A.   B.    C.   D.

  E.   F.    G.    H. 

  I.    J.     K.     X.

 A. Duette Shades, honeycombshades

B. pleated curtain

C. Silhouette Shades

D. Multishades, Duorolo, Twist Shades, Zebrarollo, Prestige

E. Luminette Shades 

F. Venetien blinds

G. roller blinds

H. verticale blinds

I.   Roman blinds

J.  shutters

K. panelglide blinds

X. lace curtian, drape


Our technical staff attends courses at the Luxaflex Academy. 


Please call us after 12:00 PM


070-3614361 for information in English




2512 AG   THE HAGUE 

If you want to make an appointment we request you to fill in  the form below or make a call.                                                                             

TEL. 070-361.4.361

TEL. 06-54283200



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Service desk hours (delivery of parts, cleaning or repairing blinds, showroom, office and warehouse):

Office Staff:

Tuesday / Saturday 12:00 PM - 06:00 PM 

If you want to visit us at another time, we recommend you to make an appointment.


Monday / Saturday by appointment only. Would you like to discuss this option first by telephone? Please call: 06-54283200.


Field Service and installation service at your location:

Monday / Saturday 08:00 AM - 12:00 AM


If you have any further questions.



You can ask us any question. If you want to ask about a price or request a quotation. We will do our utmost to come up with a solution for your problem. Call us or submit this form and send your question via email.


Please mention the type of product, make, serial number (if possible), dimensions, delivery time.

Your address and / or if you want to pick up you the products yourself or let them be delivered and installed by our service department.

Do you need any parts? Send a picture separate of this part via email to: i n fo * lamelcleaning.nl. (*=@)

Sorry, we consider a fax a bit out of fashion, so faxing is not possible anymore. But your mobile phone might come in handy. Just make a picture and send it to us.

We mend all types of blinds. So, not exclusively the Luxaflex brand.

Are you aware of the fact that repairing plus cleaning is still many times cheaper than buying a new product?

See examples on this page.


On the website of Lamelcleaning Nederland you will find adequate information. You might possibly miss something. We are open for any suggestions.


Send a message to Lamelcleaning Nederland.

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 Send us a photo of this part via email to: i n fo * lamelcleaning.nl. ( *=@)

A few questions before you get an answer of us.

II have seen your prices on this site  *   If not, then a quotation has no sense. Do you realize that Lamelcleaning Nederland disposes of the best cleaning technology. All this sustainable technology has its price. It's a wasted effort if you to compare prices with other suppliers. You are nowhere cheaper of (because no one else disposes of this patented cleaning method).

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Duette Shades , Twist Shades, Facette Shades, Silhouette Shades, Luminette Shades, Ondulette Shades are trademarks of Hunter Douglas.

Alle inhoud Lamelcleaning Nederland.